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Superfamily containing only a single family, Feaellidae.


Family represented by a single genus, Feaella (though several subgenera have been recognized), and a few species, all from Africa and India. Some authors also place here the Pseudogarypidae, which, in this classification, are in Garypoidea.
In this superfamily (family) are the only pseudoscorpions to depart radically from the basic morphological plan of the order. All the legs are alike, the tarsi consist of a single segment (monotarsate), and the femora are all similarly structured, with the telofemur freely movable on the basifemur. The palpi are highly modified. The femur and trochanter are broadened and flattened. The chela is greatly reduced in size, and has weak fingers and no venom apparatus. The tibia and chela fold back as a unit against the femur, trochanter, and anterior margin of the carapace, apparently as a subchelate grasping mechanism. The front edge of the carapace is roughened and produced into lobes, apparently to assist the palpi in holding prey. The carapace and abdomen articulate I a unique movable joint involving the small, undivided first abdominal tergite. The abdomen is broadened and flattened, most tergites and sternites are divided, and the pleural membranes are provided with distinct crete, sclerotized plates. The chelicerae are much reduced in size and atypical in form. Four eyes are present.