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List of families in alphabetic order.



Book Review (by W. B. Muchmore)

Harvey, M. S. 1991. Catalogue of the Pseudoscorpionida. (edited by V. Manhert). Manchester University Press, Manchester M13 9PL UK (distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martins Press Inc., 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10010 USA). vi + 726 pages. Price $200.00.

It is a pleasure to write about a book which I use almost every day, an indispensable tool for the pseudoscorpion taxonomist. Both the author and the editor deserve many thanks for a job well done.
Harveys Catalogue is the first comprehensive work on the pseudoscorpions of the world since the monographs of Beier (1932a, b) and the lists of Roewer (1937, 1940). Only its Bibliography has a modern counterpart in the bibliography of Schawaller (1980).
An introduction in three languages (English, French, and German) explains the organization of the book, the systematic treatment of the included taxa, and the limited number of taxonomic changes that have been introduced. It is revealed that 22 families, 434 genera, 3064 species and 169 subspecies of pseudoscorpions are recognized.